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Last Draw Results:
July 9, 2024

Jackpot Amount: €98,183,614.80

Total Prize Pool: €112,036,431.60

Total Prize Payout: €112,036,431.60

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The Next BIG European Lottery Draw Has Arrived

The thrilling EuroJackpot lotto, with one of the best winning odds and a truly exciting 12-tier prize winning chart, has just been launched!

The just established EuroJackpot lottery extends across nine European countries: The Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, the four Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - and of course the lottery country.

While the scene has been officially set for EuroJackpot's initial March 23 draw, lotto fans all over the world have been eagerly discussing this lotto's winning possibilities. And because of the hype, it seems the prizes are not the only ones getting bigger! The prospect of EuroJackpot adding more countries to its roster and the chances of having more draws per week seems not too far off in the future.

12 Different Ways to Win

There are 12 winning categories, and to win the EuroJackpot lottery's first prize, players must correctly guess 5 regular numbers as well as the two additional numbers.

The general idea in playing this lottery is: to increase your chances of winning, you should play more number selections. Having more selections means added chance of you getting consolation prizes in the lower division tiers.

EuroJackpot prizes are also pari-mutuel. This means that the lower level prizes are directly linked to the available money in the lotto's prize pool. Plus of course, the number of people who actually win the category, so expect that these prizes will change from draw to draw.

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How Does the EuroJackpot Work?

How Does the EuroJackpot Work?

In November of 2011, several country lottery administrators from Europe converged in Amsterdam. They specifically tackled the idea of creating a new European Lottery, bringing the EuroJackpot into play. This lottery will in the meantime, follow the already popular Euro Millions design, including draws set in Helsinki, Finland every week on Fridays.

EuroJackpot winning odds are as good as some of the best lotteries in the world, and even better than others. The tax free prizes are set at odds beginning with a notable 1:35. EuroJackpot's first division win is reported at 1 in 59 m against EuroMillions 1 in 116 million.

The jackpot isn't bad at all too, opening at €10 million and climbing up the initial ceiling jackpot prize of €90 million.

The EuroJackpot lotto requires players to select five numbers from a 1-50 number set, adding two more numbers from a 1-10 number set. These two extra numbers, aside from being included in the jackpot winning combination, will give the players a chance to win extra prizes. From the numbers you choose, you may win the bottom prize category with matching just two main numbers and one additional number.